Welcome to HIROKAWA

Established in 1967, We are a traditional eel (Unagi in Japanese) restaurant located in Arashiyama, Kyoto.

In Japan there is a long history of consuming eel because it is believed to have tremendous health benefits, especially during the summer months. Using only carefully selected fresh eel caught daily, cooked in our own unique way, we serve the highest quality of grilled eel to you. Our main dish is eel grilled with a special sauce on top of rice. We serve eel cooked several other different ways to suit your taste and we offer other fresh water fish as well. All of our dishes are prepared

with care and artistry by our experienced kitchen.

We are located 30 minutes away from central Kyoto, a short walk from the famous Togetsukyo (Moon Crossing) Bridge and directly across from the revered Tenryu-ji Temple. The Arashiyama area is famous for its beautiful scenery, enhanced by the flowing Katsura river and the dense forest covering the western hills. Since the Heian period, this area has been used as a retreat from the main city and it has countless temples and shrines, each rich in history, each telling its own fascinating story.

In October 2009, we opened our new restaurant. It was built using traditional “Sukiya” style wooden architecture. Inside we also have a tranquil Japanese garden. Combined with the pleasant mountain view, the atmosphere is perfect for you to relax and enjoy our fine cuisine.

Looking forward to having you enjoy our restaurant!


AM 11:30 ~ PM 14:30 (last order)
PM 17:00 ~ PM 20:00 (last order)

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To our customers

  • ・We do not allow outside food or drinks.
  • ・Please order one main dish per person.
  • ・Please refrain from shooting video in the restaurant.


  • ・請勿於餐廳內飲用外食
  • ・一人需至少點一份主餐或套餐
  • ・孩童同行的客人請勿讓孩童於餐廳內外喧嘩嬉鬧,造成其他客人不便
  • ・餐廳內禁止攝影,拍照時請勿拍攝至周遭客人
  • 為維護自身及他人用餐權益請務必遵守以上事項,謝謝